What is a baby alert?

The arrival of a baby is an outstanding event in our lives. We want to make the birth of a little little bit of a little bit of a world, we want to show our children to family members and close friends. The baby certificate is a card made with high quality materials, professional technique, which can be done according to our taste and custom design. The notification can also be an invitation to the baptism of the baby. The text to be included in the notification is always unique, according to the customer’s wishes. At our salon we have a wide selection of paper available for our customers, the choice of paper type, tape, color of pressure … so we can make a unique idea.


What should you describe in your baby report?

Baby text can contain some birth data, e.g. date, weight, or even longer birth announcement, a nice quote … etc.
You can add a photo of your baby to the notification or attach the picture as a photo in the envelope.


How are baby ordering orders made?

If you have found a baby breeder or baptismal invitation you like from our offer, you can order it personally or by email from our office in Ferenciek ( ). When ordering, please pay 50% of the order amount as prepayment or transfer. We then create a digital plan from the notifier, which will be emailed. Production begins after the plan is approved. In each case, the notifications are handed over with a suitable envelope, in a stacked state, so the parents are only waiting for the joy of delivery.