Mistakes To Avoid During A Wedding Planning


Mistakes To Avoid During A Wedding Planning

Wedding is a special and the most magical part of any couples life, but a small mistake can make all the beauty of it disappear. Some of the most common wedding planning mistakes than couples make include


Not setting a budget

Making a realistic budget before doing anything is of utmost importance. If you don’t, you may most probably fall in the trap of buying a dress or a venue which push you out of the budget and will all the other planning that you have decided such as the flowers etc. will have to be compromised. As it is common that many last minute costs come up out of the blue.


Not checking for the weather

An outside wedding might seem heavenly but can be easily ruined by rain, and one would be surprised how much people count on luck to get the perfect weather. Look at the weather forecast and determine if it may rain or not to jinx your wedding.


Assuming there might be fewer people

It is not necessary that some people you have invited won’t come to your wedding and that increases when it comes to a destination wedding. While putting the final guest list, do not put bets and over-invite, you are putting yourself in trouble. People are accustomed to coming to weddings.

fewer people

Buying your dress first

You want your dress to fit your venue, and you want to look your best at these days but if your wedding venue does not match your dress, it might your happiest day of your life. First book a venue and get a general vide of the day, and they decided on a dress will ensure that you look like a fairy tale.


Missing the hair and makeup trial

makeup trial

Do not miss your hair and makeup trial! You are in a lot of stress during your wedding, and you do not want to burden yourself with more of that. Make sure you have a trail which will prepare you and also if you do not like what you see, you can adjust your hair, and makeup accordingly will save you from looking like a racoon on your wedding.


Trying to save by not hiring a videographer

It is not common to see that couple try to cut edges when it comes to weddings as it can get expensive, and it is not a surprise that they do not want to hire a videographer. Most couples say that they regret not hiring a videographer to record their special day. One-fourth of the couples have reported that they regret the fact that they could not save up for a videographer.

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